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Florida Inspectors General Expertise System (FIGES)
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 Inspector General Lookup - Department of Corrections
   Harris, Stacy
 (Senior Inspector (LEAD))
   Maloney, James
   Sumpter, Ken
 (Inspector General)
   Arrant, Debra
 (Assistant Chief of Investigations)
   Biggins, Tracey
 (Professional Accountant Specialist)
   Cherry, Darryl
 (Inspector Supervisor)
   Chester, Potter
 (Assistant Chief of Criminal Investigations Bureau)
   Erika, Rowlette
   Gonzalez, Danny
 (Assistant Chief of Internal Affairs Bureau)
   Henderson, Marilyn
 (Chief of Internal Affairs Bureau)
   Hyres, Mariann
   Langston, Jennifer
 (Senior Inspector)
   McCasland, Daryl
 (Law Enforcement Inspector Supervisor)
   McCord, Michael
 (Supervisor- Special Investigations Unit)
   McWilliams, Dan
 (Professional Accountant Specialist)
   Perkins, Patricia
 (Health & Safety Manager)
   Rau, Edward
 (Inspector Supervisor)
   Strickland, Paul
 (Chief Internal Auditor)
   Thurber, Lance
 (Professional Accountant Specialist)

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