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 Inspector General Lookup - Department of Transportation
   Sullivan, Kris
 (Inspector General)
   Armstrong, Scott
 (IT Auditor - Performance & IT Audit Section)
   Barker, Cory
 (Auditor - Intermodal Audit Section)
   Brown-Walton, Barbara
 (Sr Audit Supervisor - Intermodal Audit Section)
   Burns, Larry
 (Deputy Director of Investigations - Training)
   Camejo, Luis
 (Sr. Audit Supervisor - Contracts)
   Coleman, Melinda
 (Auditor - Intermodal Audit Section)
   Cooper, Nicholas
 (Sr. Audit Supervisor - Intermodal Audit Section)
   Evans, Logan
 (Auditor - Performance and IT Audit Section)
   Furney, Amy
 (Deputy Audit Director - Performance and Information Techonology)
   Gilboy, Joe
 (Director of Audit)
   Hannah, Gerald
 (Investigative Analyst)
   Harrison, Damon
   Hill, Natalie
 (Auditor-Contract Audit Section)
   Holt, Tierra
   Jackson, Anthony
 (Deputy Director of Investigations - Accreditation)
   Jordan, Jennifer "Misha"
 (Special Projects Coordinator & External Audit Liaison - QAOS)
   Knott, Adam
 (IT Auditor - PIT Audit Section)
   Larkin, Keisha
 (Auditor - Performance & IT Audit Section)
   Liang, Yuanyuan "Erica"
 (Auditor - Contract Audit Section)
   Likens, Kim
 (Director of Investigations)
   Lorenz, Deb
   Lowery, Paul
 (Sr. Audit Supervisor -Performance and Information Technology Audit)
   Lyons, Corbitt
 (Auditor - Contract Audit Section)
   Merritt, Jovon
 (Sr. Audit Supervisor - Contract Audit Section)
   Mobley, Jessica
 (Deputy Audit Director - Intermodal)
   Moore, Ryan
 (Deputy Audit Director - Contracts )
   Parramore, Heather
   Rush, Kathy
 (Administrative Assistant)
   Shepard, Heather
 (Operations & Management Consultant)
   Smith, David
   Strickland, Heather
 (Administrative Assistant III)
 (Auditor - Contract Audit Section)
 (Auditor - Intermodal Audit Section)
   Valentin, Emma
 (Auditor - Contract Audit Section)
   Walker, Christina
 (Audit - Performance & Information Audit Section)
   Watts, Tammekia
 (Sr. Managment Analyst II - SES - QAOS)
   Weaver, Michelle
 (IT Auditor Supervisor- Performance & IT Audit Section)
   Widener, Lisa
 (Auditor - Intermodal Audit Section)

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